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A Totally Honest Perfect Gift Guides Course Review (+Discount Coupon Code)


An Honest Review of the Perfect Gift Guides Course (+Discount Code)

So recently I had the pleasure of being the “alpha tester” to my friend Anne’s Perfect Gift Guides course, meaning I WAS THE FIRST PERSON to go through her course! How exciting is that! I can’t wait to implement everything I have learned and create some perfect gift guides for the upcoming holiday season.

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We as bloggers, when we create products or services, need to make sure that we are putting our best out into the world. Therefore, we need to make sure that our products and or services have been tested, tested, and tested again!

I am currently in the process of creating my first product and already know that it will ever be evolving. New information comes out that can be added, or algorithms chance. Such is the blogging world.

I have not yet taken the dive into creating a full-on course, but working with Anne and helping her perfect her Perfect Gift Guides course has given me a whole new appreciation for course creation. You don’t often realize how much goes into creating a course and the launch process. I knew it was a lot, but I have a much better understanding of it now!

So why am I telling you this?

I don’t want you to look at this as “just another review.” As I said before, we as bloggers need to support one another. Yes, of course, there is always the friendly competition, but if we do not support one another, it makes it more difficult to move forward on our blogging journey.

Supporting one another could mean sharing your fellow blogger’s posts via your social media and hope they will reciprocate, reviewing their latest course or ebook and earning an affiliate commission from it, or collaborating on an exciting new project!

We can all learn something from one another. No one knows EVERYTHING when it comes to blogging.

And remember, always come from a giving mindset and serving your audience first, success (and money) will follow!

Now let’s get down to it, a totally honest review of Perfect Gift Guides course. 

Using gift guides on your blog is a great way to increase your income, especially during the holiday season. But gift guides aren't just for the holidays, they can be used any time of year for any occasion, such as for teacher gift ideas, birthday gifts, anniversary gift ideas, and so much more. Click the image to read about how you can start including gift guides to increase your blogging income. #giftguide #giftsforwomen #holidaygiftguide #perfectgiftguides #giftideasforhim #giftsformen #bestgiftsformen #personalisedgifts

What motivated me to take the Perfect Gift Guides Course

As I said before I had the honor of being the very first person to take the Perfect Gift Guides course.

I had been looking for a course to take on how to make better gift guides that convert for a while and this course came at the perfect time!

Last holiday season, I was a little late to the game creating my holiday gift guides. It was my first holiday season and I was grasping at straws at that point to try and get more traffic and more income. I was also very new to affiliate marketing and struggling to make sales of any kind. I threw together a couple of gift guides for the 2017 holiday season, Valentine’s one, a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day guides as well. But I didn’t really feel like I had a handle on what I was doing. Plus, I think I only made like $5 total in commission between the 4 of them.


I flew through the course!

I had thought that over the previous few months I had really gotten a handle on how to optimize my affiliate sales. But after taking Anne’s Perfect Gift Guide course, I realized how wrong I was!

I went through the entire course in about 3 days (had to break to take care of the kids you know)! There is so much stuff I learned in that short period of time, not only about making killer gift guides but also about affiliate marketing in general. Anne has been doing affiliate marketing way longer than I have and I can honestly say, she really knows her stuff!

This is a great (and shall I say incredibly affordable) course to take if you are looking to add another income stream to your blog or take your current gift guides to the next level!

Why Perfect Gift Guides Is Legit

So Anne and I know each other personally, at least in the blogging world. I had originally reached out to her about doing a guest post on her other site, the Money Propellor. I thought she was great before we ever officially “met.” I didn’t realize until later that she also owned Unique Gifter.

Now if you have never heard of Unique Gifter, it is a site that MAKES MONEY SOLELY ON GIFT GUIDES! So when it comes to making money from gift guides, Anne knows what she is talking about!

Now, of course, Anne is not the only person profiting off of gift guides, I have seen many, many blogger income reports that highlight the use of gift guides for affiliate income.

My Biggest Lightbulb Moment / 3 Things I Learned

Now, I don’t want to give away all the secrets, but if you are not already a marketing and affiliate guru, then I can say with great confidence that you will learn something new in the Perfect Gift Guides course!

Here are the three main things that I learned that set off the lightbulb!

  • How you can promote high-end (as in higher commission) products as a personal finance and frugal living blogger! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while. All of the gift guides I had created were all under $25, meaning I would have to sell A LOT to actually make something from them.
  • How to find popular gift guides. Since I have started blogging, I have followed the rule, the be successful you need to learn from the successful. There are some amazing places I NEVER thought to look for ideas for creating gift guides. I mean, if the “big” blogs are promoting this stuff, then I should too, right?!
  • Legal Mumbo-jumbo. That’s right, it’s not something we like to think about, but it’s super important! You don’t want to be promoting stuff online just to find out you have been doing it all wrong and have your whole site shut down! EEK!

EXTRA BONUSES! Yup, extra bonuses are always amazing! Included in the bonuses is an extra mini-course to help you get your gift guides off the ground using Pinterest. Plus a Perfect Gift Guides group board and Tailwind tribe to apply to! Sharing is caring right!

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Perfect Gift Guides Review: The Pros & Who Should Take the Course

Courses are created to serve a certain audience, therefore saying “this course is perfect for everyone,” is not true.

This course is great for a lot of bloggers though, in many different niches.

For the beginner blogger who is looking to drive traffic to their blog for the upcoming holiday season. Or the intermediate blogger who is looking to add another income stream and monetize the traffic, they are already getting. Also, the advanced blogger who has been in the game for quite a while but is looking to expand into other areas and earn even more.

The great thing about gift guides is that you can put them together yourself, or if you are an advanced blogger that has a team or virtual assistants, you can outsource the work also.

This course is also great for bloggers that do not have a ton of time on their hands. Once you get the hang of it, putting together a gift guide can be simple and quick.

One of the things that I do with posts that have the same type of formatting, such as my income reports, is I copy and paste the text version of the post and make a standard template. That way, when it is time to write up that post, I copy my template, paste it into WordPress and change what needs to be changed.

Boda-bing boda-boom!

Work smarter, not harder!

Bloggers in just about every niche can add gift guides to their blogging repertoire. 

Frugal living, mom/parenting, personal finance, pets, survival, personal growth/development, health/fitness, lifestyle bloggers, the list goes on!

Need some more inspiration on what kinds of gift guides to make? Follow my gift guides Pinterest board for fun and unique gift guide ideas!

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Even if you think your niche might not be good for including gift guides, go on Amazon and type in a product related to your niche. Did you find a bunch of stuff? Then you can create at least one gift guide based on those products. As long as there are physical products related to your niche, you can create gift guides!

So overall, who should take this course?

  • You should already have a blog with some type of marketing strategy (did someone say Pinterest?)
  • You want to start earning passive income with your blog. (YES PLEASE!)
  • You’ve tried gift guides before but barely earned a commission or had no clue what you were doing.
  • You’ve tried gift guides before, but want to earn more.​​​​​​​

I know that you are going to get loads of value out of this course, but if you purchase and decide it’s not a good fit for you, simply email for a full refund within the first 30 days. Unless you have a course on the same or a similar topic, that is.

Perfect Gift Guides Review: The Cons & Who Should NOT Take the Course

As I said before, not every course is perfect for everyone.

You should probably not take this course if:

  • You don’t have a blog-you kind of need one of those to make killer gift guides.
  • If you absolutely despise going on Amazon (or other affiliate networks) and looking for things to put into your gift guides, (Unless you can hire someone to make gift guides for you).
  • If your blog monetization strategy does not include an affiliate commission. And that’s ok, some bloggers choose not to use affiliate sales to monetize their blogs.
  • You aren’t self-motivating or self-accountable-but I’m going to assume if you blog you have at least some sense of accountability.
  • You don’t like making money in the comfort of your own home. (isn’t that why we blog in the first place!)
  • You need to bring in revenue like yesterday! – A lot of blogging and passive income takes upfront work, for long-term payout.
Using gift guides on your blog is a great way to increase your income, especially during the holiday season. But gift guides aren't just for the holidays, they can be used any time of year for any occasion, such as for teacher gift ideas, birthday gifts, anniversary gift ideas, and so much more. Click the image to read about how you can start including gift guides to increase your blogging income. #giftguide #giftsforwomen #holidaygiftguide #perfectgiftguides #giftideasforhim #giftsformen #bestgiftsformen #personalisedgifts

The Nuts & Bolts Details of the Course

As I said before, I flew through this course! It took me a few hours; over the course of a couple days (minus interruptions from kids) to complete this course. It was very user-friendly to go through and easy to understand.

But what does Anne actually cover in this course you ask?

Let me tell you…

There are a total of 11 modules that include both text and video lessons. There is also downloadable content, like a workbook to help you work through the course.

The course is self-paced and always open, which I love. Not that there is anything wrong with the launch model of courses, but so often I run across a course that I would like to buy NOW but I’m put on a waiting list. Then I forget about it or don’t have the money for it when it actually opens up.

The 11 modules include topics such as:

  • Figuring out what your audience wants
  • How to make sure you are picking the best gifts (that will get you sales)
  • Properly using Amazon affiliate links
  • Creating beautifully formatted gift guides (and pins)
  • Avoiding legal trouble
  • Creating pins that draw in buyers
  • How to generate heaps of traffic on social media
  • How to tweak and refine your gift guide and make it even better
  • Bonus Pinterest mini-course
  • How to correctly fill out those annoying tax forms (with a special section about Canadian tax forms)
  • Advanced affiliate resources

Anne has packed so much stuff into this course it’s crazy!

Is the Perfect Gift Guides Course worth it?

In my professional blogging opinion…


Although I was gifted the Perfect Gift Guide course I would have happily paid $100+ for it!

Although, since taking the course, I have not put a lot of effort into creating gift guides, it has given me a lot of insight into how I can up my affiliate game. I am greatly looking forward to putting what I learned into action for the upcoming holiday gift guides. Furthermore, I do have plans for future blogs that will include a lot more gift guides, and I am confident that this course will drastically help with that.

Like I said before, I would have paid $100 or more for this course, because not only do I trust Anne, she over-delivered with this course.

Anne also wants to make sure her students succeed. She is willing to promote the gift guides that you create on the Unique Gifter Pinterest and through the Tailwind tribes! That speaks volumes to me!

I mean the bonuses alone are worth the cost of the course.

The course itself includes:

  • 11 written units covering everything you need to know about creating Perfect Gift Guides that can earn you big money.
  • Videos showing you how to format beautiful gift guides, without spending a dime on software or tools.
  • Access to the Perfect Gift Guides Pinterest group board AND  Tailwind tribe.
  • LIFETIME access to the course, including all updates-this is great considering algorithms and strategies seem to change daily.

And of course bonuses!

  • Bonus advanced affiliate marketing techniques used by millionaire bloggers.
  • A Pinterest mini-course.


If you think the Perfect Gift Guides course sounds amazing, but you still don’t have a handle on blogging in general, check out my in-depth review of the Billionaire Blog Club. These courses are a great compliment to one another.

Final Verdict on Perfect Gift Guides

Although I have not taken any other gift guide courses other than this one, I have taken a few general affiliate courses. I have also done research on other gift guide courses, and I think this by far as the most to offer.

As I said before, Anne goes in-depth with this course not only on the topic of gift guides but also on affiliate marketing.

There are topics covered in this course that I think a lot of other courses leave out, such as how to fill out tax forms. I know this might not seem like a big thing, but it is! If you are running your blog like a business (I’m assuming you are if you are reading this) then correct disclosure of affiliate links and doing taxes correctly is super important!

I plan on recommending this course to all of my blogging friends!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and I am SO excited to implement all the great new tactics I learned in creating my gift guides for the holiday season!

Don’t worry, I will give you an update on how everything turned out after the New Year! So make sure you check back for that!

A Freebie Offer for Signing Up Using My Affiliate Link & A Perfect Gift Guides Discount Coupon Code

Well, you have read through this far, time for your discount code!

At the time of this writing the course retails for $67, but as a thank you for purchasing the Perfect Gift Guides course through my link, use the code pggdailychangesavings (all lowercase) to get 10% off!

There you have it, folks! A totally honest review of the Perfect Gift Guides course, plus your sweet discount code! 

I only wish I would have been able to take this course last year when I first started to do gift guides. But don’t worry, if you have already done some gift guides and they didn’t do much, you can redo them! That is what I plan on doing as well! Going back to my gift guides from last year and tweaking and optimizing using Anne’s strategies. 

Have questions? Comment below ?!

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Gift Guides are not just for the holidays. You can create gift guides all year round to SKYROCKET your affiliate income. #giftguide #giftsforwomen #holidaygiftguide #perfectgiftguides #giftideasforhim #giftsformen #bestgiftsformen #personalisedgifts #affiliatemarketing #giftguides #makemoneyfromhome #sidehustle #blogging


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