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Pinterest Just Rolled Out a New Feature and It’s Going to be a Game Changer!


Pinterest just rolled out a new feature called Pinterest Communities and it is going to be the next big thing in marketing your business! Pretty much since the beginning of Pinterest, it has been more of a search engine rather than a traditional “social network.” That is all about to change my friend!

Sure, Pinterest had the capability to do direct messaging before, but the implementation of Pinterest Communities is going to take the social aspect of what was previously a visual marketing platform to a whole new level.

Prepare to have your mind blown! Pinterest just released a whole new feature and it's about to change everything! Pinterest communities adds a whole new element to your Pinterest marketing efforts. Click the image to read about how you can get access to this new feature today! #viralpinsformula #howtomakepinstoviral #pinterestmarketingtips #pinterestmarketing #marketing #smmarketing #pinterestcommunities #pinterestcommuitiesfeature #howtomakemoneyblogging #workfromhome

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What the heck is a Pinterest Community and where can I find them?

Just about every social platform out there has some kind of community aspect where like-minded individuals can join together for something. Facebook as groups, Instagram has pods, and now Pinterest has communities.

I’m going to give you an inside scoop as to how to use Pinterest Communities, how you can join them, and how you can make your own!

I will also give you access to a list of communities that you can join today!

Pinterest was only for sharing content…until now!

With everything that I have learned about Pinterest and everything that I have heard, it is always that Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social network, but not anymore!

While the overall landscape of Pinterest’s search engine capabilities won’t be going anywhere any time soon, the social aspect is changing.

Due to the implementation of Pinterest Communities, there is now a very robust social aspect. It’s almost like combining Google and Facebook groups, heck yes!

(Don’t worry, there is much more than just photography groups!)

What you need to know about Pinterest Communities

Pinterest Communities is a great way to connect with others on Pinterest, beyond following them, pinning their stuff, or trying to direct message them.

Plus it gives you another whole avenue to market your business or blog.

Each of the communities is niche-based and you don’t need a special invitation to join or have to go through a lengthy application process. You are also able to see what is inside the community before you are an official member, unlike some Facebook groups, so you can truly gauge if it is the right group for you.

Within the communities, you are able to like other’s posts, comment, and post your own content! It doesn’t look like at this time there are strict rules for posting, so that is a plus for most of us marketers. However, just be leary of people who post things that might be inappropriate.

Another important point to mention is that once a Pinterest Community is named, no other communities can have that name. So you don’t have to worry about sifting through 50 “blogging” communities to find the one you like.

So if you want to be the person that owns that specific niche in all of the Pinterest Communities, you better get in there fast before someone else takes the name!

Now it’s not to say that there can’t be multiple communities for one niche, but there can only be one named Frugal Living Bloggers (that one’s mine ?).

How to access the Communities tab

On your homepage at the very top just to the right of the search bar, you will see the cute little communities button.

Now, you have to join some communities first before that icon will show up (at least one). It doesn’t work from the desktop though, so make sure you are using your phone to access them for the first time.

Join some Pinterest Communities right now!

Please note that if you click on the below links on a desktop and are rerouted to the Pinterest homepage (and are like WTF Keegan?!) then use your mobile app to access them.

So again, using the Pinterest app (I say this again cuz I spent like 20 minutes trying on my desktop lol!) click on this link and you will be routed to my Bloggers Pinterest Community where you can share your latest posts or ask questions.

Here are a few others that you may want to look at joining:

Bloggers (Run by Chelsea of Her Paper Route)

Frugal Living Bloggers 

Personal Finance Bloggers

Entrepreneurship Bloggers

Pinterest Strategies

Blogging Bloggers

Once you have joined one of the communities, the tab will then appear in the top of your Pinterest profile. You are then able to search through other communities and create 1 (or 10) of your own!

What Pinterest Communities means for bloggers, business owners, and Pinterest marketing

The best part about Pinterest Communities so far, it’s FREE! It’s still very much in the beginning stages and not a whole lot of people know about it yet.

As I said before, these communities will give you access to a whole new group of people.

You are also able to “sticky note” posts to the top of the community, which is a great place to put your main optin or flagship product for people to see.

Looking through some of the communities that are established already abuzz with community members sharing their content, commenting on other’s posts and being engaged. The For the love of flour community already has 918 members.

Now that you found a couple of communities to become a part of, and you have decided to make one of your own, let’s talk about names…

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Naming your Pinterest Community, the do’s and don’ts

Now I’m hoping at this point you are already at least slightly familiar with how SEO works. Your Pinterest titles, blog post titles, headings, group boards, etc all should have one thing in common, SEO friendly words.

Let’s take the weight loss community for example. You could name your community something like “sweat is fat crying,” however, no one is going to be searching for that.

You have to think keywords here!

It would be much better to name the community “weight loss,” although I’m pretty sure that one is already taken. Make sure you are using keywords not only in the name of the community but also in the description.

But you get the idea here right? Don’t try to be all cutesy with your community names. What would you type into the search if you were looking for a specific type of community?

I would also suggest that you join the original Pinterest Communities community, just so you can get all the latest updates and info about Pinterest Communities.

[convertkit form=5124776]

How to create a Pinterest Community

Once you are already a member of at least one community, it is very simple to create a community.

Simply go to the “Create Community” button at the top of the page.

Then pick an available name, add an image, and keyword-rich description.

Pinterest Communities vs. Facebook Groups

I have been using Facebook groups to help grow my blog through sharing posts (although not as much as I should be lately). I really like Facebook groups for that reason. It is a community of bloggers working together to grow their blogs through sharing, commenting, and linking to one another. I like the organization of Facebook Groups and how you can link to a specific post or comment.

From what I can see right now with messing around with my different Pinterest accounts, you do get a notification when you receive an invite to a community and also when someone comments on your post within the community, but only if they tag you.

I am hoping with the development of Pinterest Communities that more features will become available.

It would be amazing if Pinterest and Tailwind could hook up and create the ability to schedule posts within a community (hint-hint Tailwind!)

It does appear that you can have more than one post added as a “sticky note” which would be helpful for creating sharing threads. It does not appear that you are able to add any clickable links within the “about” section at this point though, which would be helpful.

Another point to mention is that as or right now, all Pinterest communities are public.

When you click on people, you are able to see all the people who are currently members of the group.

For communities that you do not own, you can see the list of people and message the admin or the group by clicking the little bubble icon.

If you are the admin of the group you can do a little more.

If you click on the three little dots, you can either ban the user or promote them to an admin. Which is great if you don’t want to run the community all by yourself!

And yes I do own the Food Blogs community, so feel free to join that one if you are a food blogger.

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How to share to Pinterest communities

After you have published your pin, you will want to share it to the various Pinterest communities that you are a part of, just like when you share to group boards.

It is rather simple. After you pin is published to a board, open that pin and click the share to community button right above the image.

Then you simply pick the community you want to share it to and add a description, then hit post.

Whatever description you have attached to your pin, it will automatically pull that, but it is still a good idea to add a description. Your final post will then look like this:

Prepare to have your mind blown! Pinterest just released a whole new feature and it's about to change everything! Pinterest communities adds a whole new element to your Pinterest marketing efforts. Click the image to read about how you can get access to this new feature today! #viralpinsformula #howtomakepinstoviral #pinterestmarketingtips #pinterestmarketing #marketing #smmarketing #pinterestcommunities #pinterestcommuitiesfeature #howtomakemoneyblogging #workfromhome

What is Pinterest still working on?

As with any new software update, it can take a bit to work out all the kinks. So let’s make sure we give Pinterest some time to get everything figured out.

Some of the things they are working on yet…

  • The ability to make a community private (great for course creators)
  • More notifications for joining and leaving communities
  • The search capabilities are also in the process of being improved

The whole Pinterest Communities feature is only in the Beta testing stage at this point, so can we say that it’s going to be around forever and replace Facebook Groups? I wouldn’t jump the gun just yet.

With it in its infancy stages, Pinterest Communities will be beneficial to content creators and not just a link dropping ghost town.

I guess time will tell.

But in the meantime, check out the communities listed above, join a few and let me know your thoughts!

How do you feel about Pinterest Communities?

We all know how Pinterest loves to change things up. Pinterest just released a whole new feature and it's about to change everything! Pinterest communities adds a whole new element to your Pinterest marketing efforts. Click the image to read about how you can get access to this new feature today! #viralpinsformula #howtomakepinstoviral #pinterestmarketingtips #pinterestmarketing #marketing #smmarketing #pinterestcommunities #pinterestcommuitiesfeature #howtomakemoneyblogging #workfromhome
Are you ready to go viral with Pinterest's new feature? Pinterest just released a whole new feature and it's about to change everything! Pinterest communities adds a whole new element to your Pinterest marketing efforts. Click the image to read about how you can get access to this new feature today! #viralpinsformula #howtomakepinstoviral #pinterestmarketingtips #pinterestmarketing #marketing #smmarketing #pinterestcommunities #pinterestcommuitiesfeature #howtomakemoneyblogging #workfromhome


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  • This is a great post & very informative – however, am I the only one that does not have access to Communities? I do not have the icon for it, nor do any of the linked communities work for me. Any ideas as to why? Thank you!

    • Me too Gillian! Pinterest is always changing it can be difficult to keep up with. My main hope is that Tailwind rolls something out that will allow us to schedule within the communities.

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