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June 2018 Blog Income Report: $521.29


Blog Income Report: June 2018

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Hey hey my lovelies, how was the first full month of summer?

Things have been crazy busy over here in our household!

Driving all over the state dropping and picking kids up from summer camp, lots of BMX, and of course blogging!

It was also the first month that my new site was live! I can’t tell you how happy I am with it! It was a lot of freaking work, but totally worth it! There is still a lot that I need to do on the backend, you know, updating images, pin descriptions, blah blah blah…

All the not so fun stuff.

But even though I feel like I haven’t spent a ton of time on the blog, there have been some good wins both inside and outside of the blog.

So let’s dive in shall we…

Review of Blogging Goals:

Publish 6 posts


I only got 3 published for June…whomp whomp ?.

I also didn’t get started writing until the middle of last month.

I can’t complain too much though, one of them was a super in-depth review post on the Billionaire Blog Club and the other (besides the income report) was talking about The Death of BoardBooster. If you didn’t hear, BoardBooster closed it’s doors because they could not get approval to become a Pinterest partner-meanings their scheduling tool became useless.

Which was super frustrating considering I just set up all of my campaigns and now I have to switch back over to Tailwind (which I still like) and redo everything!

Stupid technology…

Update all posts with rebranding

Another fail here. I got about half of them finished. I also wanted to make sure I put out new content last month and didn’t spend the entire month futzing around with images and link colors.

So I am moving both of these to do for the month of July along with a mile-long to-do list.

But alas the children are home all day and productivity is a struggle.

June was a great month for income though! Check it out below how I some extra cash!


Ads – $72.67

I was so freaking ecstatic to see these numbers for the month of June! Even though my overall traffic was down, my ad income was up! It was my second highest month since November 2017 which was $92.34.

Affiliates – $28.79

  • Smart Asset – $8.00
  • ShopStyle – $2.11
  • Tailwind – $15.00
  • Ebates – $3.68

Side Income – $419.83

  • Selling old textbooks – $294.83
  • User Experience Survey $125.00

So I decided to change up the income report a little bit and start including my side income in my “main income.” As I start expanding the blog and working on side projects (ie: other blogs) and other side hustles, I want to be able to share them all with you. I mean, that’s kind of what this site is about right!

**There will be a post coming out talking about the two side incomes listed above, so keep your eyes peeled!**

Gross Income = $521.29

So this is a drastic change from any of my previous income reports! 

Which is good, that means we’re moving in the right direction!

Want to learn more about the best blogging course out there? Check out the Billionaire Blog Club! This course lays it all out for you and is simple and easy to understand. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been blogging for a while, Billionaire Blog Club will help you up your blogging game! Not sure if Billionaire Blog Club is right for you, check out my honest and in-depth review of the course here!  Spoiler alert: I offer a sweet bribe worth $150 if you purchase the course through my affiliate link ?.


I was kind of bumbed that my pageviews went down, but happy that they are still above 10,000!

June Google Analytics Pageviews

There was a dip in traffic by 24.13% from 17,315 pageviews to 13,137.

The big spike in traffic is attributed still to the 10 Frugal Dinners post. Not that I am complaining about that, but I need to figure out how to duplicate that success with other posts. As you can see there were no big spikes for June, it was pretty level.


Well, June was the last month I will be paying for BoardBooster! So my Tailwind expense is back on there. Ideally, I would like to start paying for my stuff annually so I don’t have to worry about it.

I would also like to upgrade to the unlimited Tailwind Tribes, but that’s another $300+. I’m currently using the freemium version, but I go through that so quickly in a month! I only shared stuff from one post in the tribes this month and I have to wait until it renews.

I think it is a great service, especially for brand new bloggers to help them save time in scheduling their Pinterest accounts. Using Tailwind from my second month of blogging into my third month I saw an increase in growth of 982%!

Total expenses = $76.96

Most of my expenses are pretty minimal, $5 here and there. My biggest expense thus far is ConvertKit at $29 a month, but TOTALLY worth it! Although I’m all about using the free stuff when I can, ConvertKit allows me to do what I want to do as far as collecting email addresses, segmenting, etc.

Plus they are upgrading some of their features so we can do even more stuff!

Total Net income= $444.33

Blogging Goals:

Actually publish 6 posts

I’m off to a much better start this month and getting my first post out within the first week rather than a few weeks in! I have them all planned out, I just need to write them and do all that other fun bloggy stuff.

Update all posts with rebranding

It’s not that I have been putting this off, it’s important. I have just been trying to prioritize the MORE important things. Most days I feel like I would work 20 hours 7 days a week and I STILL wouldn’t have everything done I want to get done!

Finished is better than perfect!Click To Tweet

But like I said in the last income report post, finished is better than perfect and you have to just keep moving forward.

I have heard so many bloggers say that your first product is the worst, so you might as well just get it out of the way. I think this is true with most things blogging. Compared to how the blog looks now, I HATED the way it looked before! The freebies, the layout, colors, blah!

Small and Big wins for June:

Ok, so most of my wins in June were money related, but hey, that’s fine by me!

➡ Decluttered my office a bit and made almost $300 selling old textbooks.

➡ Submitted my first guest post, which you can find here: How to Stay Productive as a WAHM with Kids at Home on Minimal Capsule

➡ I made my first affiliate sale for Tailwind

➡ Took my first user experience survey and made $125

Sharing is caring! Make sure you pin this for later!

Top 10 Posts from May: 

[convertkit form=5124776]

What big #wins did you have for June?!

Blogging is so much more than writing a few posts and hoping for the best. It takes hard work and dedication to make an actual income. Click the image to read how I was able to make over $500 last month from blogging and side hustles. #blogincome #blogincomereports #blogincomereports2018 #blogincome2018 #blogincomeideas #blogincomeextracash #blogincometracker #blogincometips #blogincomeposts


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