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April 2018 Blog Income Report: $38.29

Blog Income Report: April 2018

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I am simply amazed at how quickly things can turn around when it comes to blogging.

Making one little tweak on your site or writing a certain kind of post can completely change the game!

So when I first started The Daily Change Jar I had a very specific goal in mind. I wanted to keep the site very gender neutral and not bring any personal branding into it, in case down the road I decided to sell the site.

However, in an attempt to meet my goal of putting out 6 posts for the month of April, I went out on a limb and put together the 10 Frugal Dinners for When You’re Broke post. Now, I personally love doing posts like this, for several reasons. They are quick and easy to write, I can write, publish, and promote it within a few hours (like during afternoon naptime). Which is great for that “quick win” feeling of actually getting something done!

But I also love these types of posts because I also like to be able to promote other bloggers and be able to connect with them.

So after publishing the 10 Frugal Dinners for When You’re Broke I had a bit of an awakening.

Within the first 30 days, this post alone got over 15,000 pageviews!

You bet I looked like this lady when I was looking at my analytics! Considering the previous month I only had about 3,000 pageviews TOTAL!

Originally I wanted to stay away from food and lifestyle posts, not that I have anything against them, but that wasn’t my original vision for the blog. However, after seeing the stats for this post, I changed my mind.

So after much consideration, I have decided to pivot the blog.

I will be relaunching the blog with a snazzy new (more feminine) look, sorry guys 😉

But I hope the guys still stick around to read all of the great tips and tricks I have to offer on frugal living, saving money, and managing the money you already have, I’m looking at you Tyler!

As a serious blogger, it’s not always about what you want to write about, it’s what your audience wants to see.

Which I why I have decided to expand the blog a big and include more “frugal living” topics, such as food and kids activities.

Review of Blogging Goals:

April was awesome! I feel like I really got a lot of stuff done and have been expanding my network a lot more. 

Publish 6 blog posts

I got a total of 5 published, that that was pretty good. 

Even though I did kit my goal of 6 posts, I am pretty darn happy with the 5 I did get published.

Complete the Billionaire Blog Club Course

I have a TON of more content to go through with this course. There is actually a lot more than I originally anticipated, which isn’t a bad thing!

The first thing I really worked on with the course was going through the Pinterest modules. Then I really started tapping into the community within the course.

After I have completed the course I plan on doing a really in-depth review for those of you who are interested in investing in an awesome blogging course.

I do highly suggest if you are serious about blogging that you invest in some kind of course.

[convertkit_content tag=”356002″][/convertkit_content]


Ads – $25.50

I finally hit my $100 payout threshold for Adsense! No to play the waiting game to actually get paid!

I’m still trying to figure out ways to increase my ad income. I’m kind of surprised with the increase in pageviews, from 3,000 to 8,000 my ad income only increased by like $4 :-(.

Affiliates – $82.69

  • Smart Asset – $5.49
  • ShopStyle – $4.06
  • Amazon Associate – $3.14
  • Bluehost – $65
  • PrizeRebel – $5

Interested in starting a blog and now sure what to do for hosting? Check out my post here on How to Start a Successful Blog: The Complete Newbie Guide

Gross Income = $108.19

Not too shabby!

I was super excited to see that Bluehost affiliate sale come through!

So one of the things about Amazon Associates that makes them different from other affiliate networks is how their cookies work. The downfall is their cookies are only 24 hours. Meaning, if someone clicks through your Amazon affiliate link to purchase something but they back out and don’t return within that 24 hour period, you lose the sale. The cool thing about it is that you can get a commission from anything the person buys within that 24 hours.

So let’s say that you link to a book that would normally net you about $0.50. Then that customer decides to spend $1,000 on that shopping tip on other random things. As long as it is within that 24-hour window, you get a commission for that sale!

However, don’t encourage all of your friends and family to shop through your blog’s Amazon affiliate links. Amazon has some kind of magical way of figuring that out and will determine that sale invalid. (Trust me, I’ve tried) Rather, encourage them to sign up for Ebates and do their online shopping through there!

Your referrals get a $10 bonus and you get a referral commission! Plus, Ebates totally encourages their users to share referral links with friends and family!

Want to learn more about Ebates? Click here! 


I was so freaking excited when I looked at my analytics this month!

So I logged onto my WordPress dashboard around mid-April and saw something I had never seen before. The site stats section had a HUGE spike in it. Now I had never really paid that much attention to that part of the dashboard because it never really changed. But once I had seen the sudden spike in traffic, I had to dive deeper into this to see what was going on!

Come to find out, as I have already talked about, the 10 Frugal Dinners for When You’re Broke post really took off!


Want to learn more about the best blogging course out there? Check out the Billionaire Blog Club! This course lays it all out for you and is simple and easy to understand. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been blogging for a while, Billionaire Blog Club will help you up your blogging game! Not sure if Billionaire Blog Club is right for you, check out my honest and in-depth review of the course here!  Spoiler alert: I offer a sweet bribe worth $150 if you purchase the course through my affiliate link .


My expenses remain the same pretty much every month.

Total expenses = $69.92

I did purchase the course I talked about above, the Billionaire Blog Club, which I did end up getting on sale for $157 for 3 payments. That might seem like a like to spend when I’m bringing in that much, but I feel it is totally worth it! I have made some awesome new connections from the group, and even though I haven’t made it all the way through the course, I’ve already learned a lot.

If you want to know why I use these specific programs, you can check out this income report when I go into them in a lot more depth. 

Total Net income=$38.29

Blogging Goals

I really want to keep this momentum going! I am going to try to do a few follow up posts to the 10 Frugal Dinners for When You’re Broke. I already started with Crazy Cheap and Delicious Iced Coffee Recipes.

I am going to try and find a post rotation that will work well. For example, if I am posting 6 times per month there will be 1 blog income report, 1 post about blogging, 1 post about making money, 1 post about frugal living, and 1 food-related post. And of course, highlighting seasonal trends!

It all goes back to that content calendar that I still need to make ?.

Rebrand the blog

So I have decided to give the blog a much more feminine touch and pivot a bit more towards frugal living type posts. Those have by far been my most popular types of posts. I am also going to be redoing the homepage, so for when someone lands on the homepage, they know exactly what this blog is about and where they should go.

Continue to work on the Billionaire Blog Club course

As I said before, there is a lot more to this course than I realized. I am going to do my best to finish this as soon as I can, but I have mostly been watching the videos in the car while waiting to pick up the kids.

Now that BMX season has started up again, there isn’t much “down time” in our house! But I try to maximize my time as best I can.

I have also been working on setting my strategic plan and 90-day goals using Trello, which can take a bit to get used to, but has been pretty helpful!

Small and Big wins for April

I thought I would add this section because it’s important in the blogging world to celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments.

➡ I started a little mastermind group with another blogger from Canada. We meet on Google Hangouts every other Tuesday for about an hour and a half (drink wine) and bounce our ideas off of each other. This has been SO helpful in keeping myself accountable and getting insights from another experienced blogger.

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb to ask someone to be your business bestie, accountability partner, or be in a mastermind group with you. The worst they can say is no.

➡ I got some “viral traffic”

➡ I made a commitment to invest in my blog with the Billionaire Blog Club. I consider this a win because this is the first blogging course I have actually paid money for. Also, my husband has been so supportive in this journey and him letting me spend money when I haven’t made a whole lot yet is a BIG WIN in my book!

Sharing is caring! Make sure you pin this for later!

Top 10 Posts from March 

What are your goals for May (blogging or otherwise)?

How do bloggers make money? Bloggers share their income reports for many reasons-to inspire or for personal tracking. I share my blog income reports because reading them from other bloggers were always so inspirational for me when I was getting started, and they still are! Click the image to check out the April 2018 blog income report. #bloggingforbeginners #blogging #blog #bloggingformoney #blogincomereports #blogincome #blogincomereportfirstyear #blogincomereport2018 #blogincomereportstrack #blogpostideas


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    It’s so exciting you joined BBC it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

    • Thanks for reading Clary, and thank you for the compliment on the new design, I am TOTALLY in love with it! BBC has been awesome and I am LOVING it so far!

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