​​​​Group Board Request

Before you join the group boards, please read the full description below:

This form is to request to be a contributor to group boards run my Keegan from The Daily Change Jar. Please fill out this form to be accepted to boards.

Please make sure you follow the owner’s profile if you have not already: https://www.pinterest.com/thedailychangejar/

Also please be sure the follow the group boards to are requesting the become a contributor (I can’t add you if you don’t follow).
> Best Bloggers Pin Group Board you can apply to this group board here: https://pin.it/7JrRwGQ

> Frugal Recipes Group Board you can apply to this group board here: https://pin.it/5aSNhoS

> Make Money | Side Hustles Group Board you can apply to this group board here: https://pin.it/29wmr8U

> Save Money & Live Frugal Group Board you can apply to this group board here: https://pin.it/2PnhXW2

There are no pinning limits to any of the boards other than a 1:2, pin:repin ratio. For every pin you pin, repin 2 fellow contributors pins. (but don’t be a crappy person and fill up the board all at once).

You may pin affiliate pins as long as they are pins that you have made, not just straight product pins-those will be removed. Please see example below.

We reserve the right to kick you out, without notice, if we feel that you are not a positive contribution to this group board.

Requirements for being accepted into boards:

  1. Please share 10 pins (per board request) from this board: https://www.pinterest.com/thedailychangejar/all-the-daily-change-jar-pins/
  2. Please like The Daily Change Jar FB page: https://www.facebook.com/thedailychangejar/
  3. You promise not so spam or be a crappy contributor.
  4. You promise to only pin vertical, high-quality pins to this board.
  5. You adhere to the 1:2 pin:repin ratio (for every pin you pin repin 2)

**Don’t have a Pinterest scheduler yet? It would be super cool of you to sign up using my affiliate links here:
Tailwind: http://thedailychangejar.com/tailwind

Please note, approval to my boards requires you own your own blog.


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