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Everything You Should Know About Parental Control Systems On Your Child’s Phone!


Keep your kids safe on their smartphones

As a parent, my children’s security and well being is kind of a big thing!

As parents today, we have a lot more to worry about than what our parents did when we were growing up.

Now I am considered a Millennial, but an old Millennial. I like to consider myself pretty tech savvy. However, there are still times where I have to ask my 14-year old daughter how to work apps, like when I first got Snapchat.

The internet is a scary place for children and teens in today's every growing world. As parents we can take precautions to protect out children from online predictors. Click the image to see how you can see what your children are doing online. #parentalphonemonitoring #phonemonitoringapp #cellphonemonitoringapp #parentalmonitoringapp

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Can we trust our kids?

Now, I would like to say that I trust my daughter 100%, and most of the time I do.


Just because I trust her doesn’t mean that there are not other outside forces that could pose a threat to her.

I mean, I get random messages on Twitter and Instagram all the time asking me how old I am, if I’m single, and so forth. The internet is not inherently a safe place!

Therefore as parents, we need to do whatever we can to protect our children, even if it does mean invading their privacy a little bit.

Guest contributor Aline Carerra joins us today to share her expert tips on how we can protect our kids from online dangers without making them hate us in the process.

Smartphone parental surveillance-what you need to know

This internet reign is horrifying when we consider the safety of our teens and pre-teens. They are exposed to many things way before they should be. Favorite time spending activity of this generation is sitting in front of the screen. They might be playing video games or chatting with their friends. This whole situation can become extremely harmful if the parents are not aware of their preferences. Mobile tracking is the best parental help when they are concerned about the safety of their young ones. When you make up your mind to start monitoring your teen’s activity for their well-being, you will find numerous apps claiming to be best. In selecting a parental help tool, you should thoroughly study spy software reviews, and you will get astonishing positive feedback from BlurSpy users. BlurSpy is the best spy app which is both convenient to use and pocket-friendly.

One major question that arises is that should you really spy on your kids? The answer to it is YES! And here are proves!

Cyber maltreatment

Teens face innumerable attacks from oppressors when they are on a relatively new platform, i.e. internet. The hackers try to hack their accounts and use them for all the wrong reasons. If your kid has just entered his teens, then it’s high time you should take steps about parental control. Before handing him, his device does a proper sitting and explain to him the pros and cons of virtual realm. It really doesn’t imply that you should become stress-free after that. Install BlurSpy Mobile tracker app in his mobile, and now you can indeed become stress-free. Because this app provides you a full command to protect your kid from the things you find inappropriate for him.

Pornography and explicit websites

These 2 are the most distracting domains for teenagers mainly due to their puberty and to some extent because of their curiosity. If you want to become an ideal parent, you should become choosy in what your kid should see and what he/she should avoid. This great Android monitoring software will be your helping hand in protecting your innocent and naïve kid from explicit websites. You can record their screen throughout the day and if you find out something immoral in there, you can find alternatives for their free time. If your spying mission goes on smoothly, you can plan ahead of your kid and get him out of this useless stuff.

Put on filters

If you find a website promoting depressive and suicidal thoughts in their browsing history, you can block it straightaway. But this is only possible if you get a chance to go through their history, as most mobile devices are personal and kids don’t like to share them. However, with BlurSpy kid tracker app, you will never have to face any hindrance in getting access to the hidden nooks and corners of their mobile or laptop. This app is not just limited to androids; you can spy on also Blackberry.

No to strangers

Teens meet various people in their school or sports club, do you let them hang out with all of them? Obviously not! Then how can we let the strangers reach their mobile or tablet? BlurSpy Parental control app gives you a complete insight of their contact lists and their chatting and talking histories. If they are out with their friends, you can still protect them from all the harms. Because BlurSpy paves your way to their physical surroundings through microphone and camera bugging.

BlurSpy android spying app is here to share your burden of parenting, rely your trust on us and protect your teen from all the potential risks of getting exploited.

Aline is a Writer and Marketing Expert. Mostly she writes about cell phone spy app reviews, kid’s security protection, and some digital mom’s related stuff about the dangers our children face every day on the internet!

Would you put a spying app on your kid’s phone? What are your thoughts?


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