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4 Cheap Travel Hacks to Save You Money Right Now


Looking to travel on a budget? Here are 4 cheap travel hacks to save you money right now. #cheapbudgetvacations #cheaptravel #budgetdestinations #affordablevacations #howtotravelonabudget

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Creating a budget isn’t something that most people enjoy and creating a vacation budget for cheap travel is often seen as being even less fun! However, having a fun vacation on a budget isn’t impossible if you’re creative and plan your vacation well. The key to a budget vacation is really in the preparation. 

Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, you have options.

Choose a Cheap Travel Location Based on Your Budget

Choosing a vacation destination will depend greatly on your budget. If you have extra room in the budget for travel expenses, you can probably head far from home. If you have a very tight budget, vacationing in your own home town is always a good option.

Many attractions offer discounts for residents of the state where they are located. Places like Disney World and Adventure Island offer deep discounts for Florida residents. Just the savings on hotel and travel arrangements can allow you to spend more time enjoying the amusement parks. If you are not spending your money on a pricey hotel, you can allot some more of your finances toward an extra day in the park. Check out your local tourist attractions and see if they offer discounts for local residents.

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Check the area for Vacation Packages

Purchasing a hotel room from the same vendor that you purchase attraction tickets can lead to substantial savings. Many travel agencies combine hotel rooms, park tickets and even dinner into one package for vacationers. Don’t forget to ask for a discount if you belong to a travel club like AAA or if you are a military veteran. Most of these clubs have reduced rates that they negotiate for their members. Travel agents will be aware of those rates and can steer you in the best direction for savings.

Choosing Day Trips for Cheap Travel

Depend on day trips for your vacation and you eliminate the need for hotel stays completely. By vacationing near your home, you can return each night without spending a lot of money. Having access to a kitchen is another way to save money while on vacation.

4 cheap travel hacks to save you money right now

Get as Much Value as You Can

If you do stay in a hotel, make sure that they have at least a microwave for your food preparation. This can save you hundreds of dollars on the cost of dining out while on vacation.

Use the hotel pool and other amenities to increase the value of your stay. Choosing a hotel that offers free shuttle service to local attractions can also free up money that would have been spent on parking and gas. 

Travel websites and travel agents are an excellent resource for budget vacationers and those looking for cheap travel options. Some of those websites offer excellent cruise and hotel packages with rates that are well below what you would find if you purchased the tickets yourself. Planning the budget vacation does not have to be a hassle if you take the time to do some research on your destination.


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